Selayang STAR City Mall

“Selayang STAR City Mall” – I passed this project site every day, looks like no activity. Abandoned?

What makes me to think that way? Since the “Selayang Springs Condominium” in Selayang, Selangor since it is nearby to each other (about 200 meter) and it were included in the list of abandoned projects by the Urban Wellbeing, Housing and Local Government Ministry in April 2014.

Is Selayang STAR City Mall has been abandoned like Selayang Springs Condominium?  “NO” can’t be because I still can see some people are walking in and out from the building and few car parked outside the building entrance where shows the sign of STAR CITY.

I just want to know what is happening to this project and what makes the delay? I am staying at Serendah, Selangor where connecting to the new highway in 5 minutes to my home and it is convenient for me if this Mall has been up. I believe there are some will think similar to me since this StarCityMall has been a strategic place for us to go shopping after working hours.

Below are some useful information I found and which I can share with my friends and connection.

StarCityMall has been completed 80%. Tenant Occupancy 85%. Main tenant e.g. Aeon Max Value, Daiso, Celebrity Fitness, GSC and Popular Bookstore.

What the law says –

According to the Urban Wellbeing, Housing and Local Government Ministry, a housing project in Peninsular Malaysia is deemed abandoned if:

  1. There is no significant construction activity at the site for six consecutive;
  2. The developer is under the control of the Official Receiver; and
  3. The developer admits in writing to the Housing Controller that it is unable to complete the project.

“The project developer Leadmont Development Sdn Bhd said construction works for the mixed development project are expected to resume in October 2016, upon completion of its remodeling exercise. The group said the delay has noting to do with its financial position, but to better prepare for the group’s future launches”.

“Nonetheless, Leadmont said it is optimistic that Star City Mall, which spans about 1 million sqft, will be completed by 2018, while the serviced apartments, together with the Holiday Villa Hotel are to be completed in 2019, with an average take-up rate of 60%. Another block of serviced apartments is yet to be launched”.

“Conceptualized like no other integrated development on bustling Jalan Ipoh, Selayang StarCity opens the way to a truly brilliant lifestyle. Directly accessible to and from the Golden Triangle along Jalan Kuching. In addition, the mall provides a pedestrian link bridge for the convenience of shopper’s crossing over from Jalan Ipoh and a flyover leading straight to the mall’s car park to connect potential patrons travelling from Rawang”.

Just remember there is always two sides of a story, just because someone tells you things doesn’t make it always the true version.