5W of Toolbox Talks

By Marina Jeyaseelan  

What is toolbox talks?

Toolbox talks are a primary way for construction contractors to provide workers with relevant site-specific safety information. Toolbox talks are an opportunity to provide positive feedback for safe actions, hard work and initiatives.

Why you need a toolbox talks?

Toolbox talks are a way to ensure all construction workers are participating in safety activities, and have an opportunity to discuss hazards/controls, incidents and accidents. Also to improve safety performance at the workplace.

Whom – toolbox talks?

Toolbox talks for workers, foremen, everybody who involved in working at site level. It should be presented by Safety department in the workplace.

When and how often?

On a daily basis. Preferably before starting the working day or if applicable at the beginning of the shift. And each time if there is a specific purpose.

How to conduct a toolbox talks with 5 Steps?

  1. First schedule a meeting – who to attend, where and when (date and time) is the meeting.
  2. Second address the importance of the Toolbox meeting and how long ­— Ensure that running and attending toolbox safety meetings is recognized as an important part of each and every person’s role. The meeting duration is about 10 minutes.
  3. Third prepare an Agenda – Follow an agenda to make sure you cover everything off:
  •    Do inform workers of changes to company procedures/policies
  •    Identify the new hazards
  •    Review on the existing hazards, hazard controls, accident and incident data
  •    Story telling by the leaders with some example of incidents happen in their past experiences
  1. Fourth close the meeting – Thanking the workers for their time and let them get to work.
  2. Fifth record the meeting minutes – The details of meetings should be recorded and documented and kept on file e.g. meeting dates, attendees and discussion items. Show follow-up items from previous hazards, accidents and incidents.